Colderra “Dersik” Faint Whispers all Around

“Dersik” is the latest track from Malang, Indonesia power metal band, Colderra, a song that describes a situation where sometimes someone always hears voices around them but is intangible.

“Dersik” became the follow-up single for Colderra’s 2nd full-length album, previously 3 tracks which were released; “Cracked”, “Holy Fire” and “Jouska” received many positive reviews from various media. In addition, the three of them also penetrated dozens of charts from various radio station programs, especially foreign radios.

Initially “Dersik” was planned to be released in the last months of last year, the cliché and quite common reasons made it delayed until it was released earlier this year. “The three of us have our own personal lives and jobs, so because we have to prioritize our activities, we can only release it in early 2023, besides that at the end of last year we all had no money” said Colderra with a laugh.

The meaning of “Dersik” according to KBBI is a swish or the sound of the wind, but for Colderra vocalist Iwan, the meaning becomes broader in description. “Sometimes at certain moments especially when I’m alone in a quiet place, it seems like there are voices talking or whispering something. It’s just in my mind or there is something that does it, I also can’t explain for sure” Iwan said.

For Colderra listeners, “Dersik” will feel very different from the other songs. The composition was made by the drummer and programmer Yasa Wijaya, who previously only dominated in technical production section. “I just made the arrangement for fun, then showed it to other members and I thought it would be rejected because it’s so different, apparently they were told to continue” said Yasa.

In “Dersik”, there is a backing vocal with ‘Growl’ vocal character, making the character of the song feel fuller in terms of tone emphasis. “During the recording process at the studio, there was a friend named Jihad hanging out, he is the vocalist from Dawn Of Impurity. It would have been more fitting if he joined the backing because the concept of the song is heavier than before, not featuring, just helping with the backing vocals section” explained Colderra guitarist Iboer.

Colderra Music Band Photo

Like the previous process of creating Colderra artworks, “Dersik” also uses material from several artists from image sharing platforms. “Like in the past, finding something that fits with theme and then editing it to make it match, it’s not original but it benefits more parties involved” Iwan said. “The lyric video for ‘Dersik’ is the result of collaboration with our former label ‘Gerbang Sembilan’ and ‘Metal Opera Webzine’, hopefully in the future we can continue to work together” he continued.

Colderra said after “Dersik” they would release an EP before the second full-length album is released. “We want the album to be released quickly and song materials have also been collected, it’s been a long time since ‘Quantum Imagination’ the first album in 2018. Hopefully there won’t be many obstacles in the process, sometimes there are some that are not as planned. Understandably, often the band’s affairs are not the top priority” Colderra explaining.

“We are actually embarrassed, because when we released the previous singles we always said that the 2nd album would be released soon, but it has been delayed until now, if it was clarified there would be many reasons for the delay. Hopefully the other musicians or bands won’t experience it like us and in 2023 hopefully all the things we hope can be achieved even if not 100%” Iwan said.

Adapting from this interpretation of Colderra’s latest single, it could be “Dersik” that occurs in each of us is a signpost, so that we can take action to get to or achieve something. But is it really like that? Or is it just the sound of the wind.

“Dersik” as of January 19, 2023 can be heard on Colderra’s Bandcamp page and the lyric video has been uploaded on their YouTube channel. All of their updates and other information can be found at Colderra’s official website.

Source: Colderra “Dersik” Desah Bisikan Samar di Sekitar