Colderra “Jouska” Quarrels Between Mind and Soul

“Jouska” the upcoming 3rd single from Malang power metal unit, Colderra. A Track that tells about the situation and condition when a person speaking to himself. This is something that almost every person experiences in their life consciously or not.

Last year Colderra released their first single “Cracked” in June 2021, the song managed to penetrate several metal radio stations charts in several countries such as; Malaysia, Poland, Germany, Netherlands, Switzerland, Malta, Mexico, Canada and USA. The 2nd single “Holy Fire” was released in October 2021 and the reviews also reached several foreign media including; Germany, Canada, Brazil, Italy, UK, Austria, Japan and also Spain.

“Jouska” was supposed to be released in January this year, but had to be delayed until April, because of some reason related to the condition and situation happening in each members live, it was postponed.

“Jouska” has a little bit different from those previous single released (Cracked and Holy Fire). Its darker, heavier, and more aggressive and dramatic. It is more like “To The Point” kind of arrangement.

Colderra Music Band Photo

In the lyric sector, Iwan says; “I actually didn’t have a concept for this song when Iboer showed me the raw material. But unfortunetly, something that we don’t want it came. Not one, but to all of us (the members). Under that condition make my heart frantic and restless, eventually my brain and soul became unsynchronized. It’s as if I became a lot of conflicting personalities, of course it happened only within myself without anyone else knowing.”

Colderra, who is still being strengthened by Iwan Ruby Sasmita (Vocals), Robby Achmad a.k.a Iboer (Guitars), Yasa Wijaya (Drums & Programs) said that after “Jouska” there would be one more single to be released. After that before the full album is released, an EP / Mini Album will be released which contains the previous singles and also the addition of one ‘cover’ song as well as a bonus track which is still being kept a secret, which song will be covered and what theme song the bonus track will be.

The single “Jouska” as of April 27, 2022 was officially released and you can watch the video lyric on Colderra YouTube channel. “Jouska” and all of their works and updates can be accessed at Colderra official website. So, what are you currently talking about with yourself?

Source: Colderra “Jouska” Konflik Antara Otak dan Jiwa