Colderra “Cracked” An Understanding of Disappointment

Colderra, Malang Indonesia based power metal unit has finally released a new single titled “Cracked” which is said to be not a love song even though the lyrics say otherwise.

Their echo was barely audible, after releasing their debut album “Quantum Imagination” in mid-2018, whose physical distribution reached mainland Europe and uploading 8 of the 10 songs on their album in lyric video format to their YouTube channel.

Cracked, deliberately became the first release from the collection of material that is planned to be a track list in the 2nd album. “Intentionally chosen because it is the most standard (medium) not to fast or slow.” explained Iwan the vocalist. The frontman as well as the writer of all the lyrics of Colderra’s songs said that in recent years there have been too many side projects and work to be completed which made Colderra a little bit slow in processing the works.

“Busy with main work and some creative projects outside music and during the COVID-19 pandemic gives more free time to hanging out in studio to work with the new materials for Colderra.” he said.

In this latest single Colderra is still only strengthened by 3 personnel but there are 2 new names in it, now they are Iwan Ruby Sasmita (Vocals), Iboer (Guitar) and Yasa Wijaya (Programs). “Iboer is an old friend and we both has the same interest in power and speed metal music, Yasa is no longer a stranger to Colderra, he is the person behind the production for the first album.” Iwan explained.

Colderra Music Band Photo

Like the previous songs, the process of composing this new single was done at Vamos Record Studio and of course Yasa Wijaya was asked to be a programmer for many technical matters. “I sing, Iboer plays guitar and all other technical needs are handled by Yasa, he is an outrageous genius.” In addition, Iwan also said that, in the production process, it doesn’t need a lot of people to brainstormin ideas. It can be handle by small group of competent people and the result still or even more satisfying than brainstormed by a bigger group.

In terms of lyrics, even though they seem to tell about feelings of disappointment due to a failed love, Iwan say’d that, basically these lyrics are just figures of speech written as an expression of disappointment about various things. “In the end we have to understand why we are disappointed because we failed to do or to get something and it’s not just about love, by understanding it we will not be stuck with the past but instead can rise to start something new.” he said.

This Cracked single was also uploaded with the addition of the caption ‘Promo Version’, the purpose of that is because this song was actually conceptualized to be sung in a duet and the duet version will be on the album version later. Duet with whom?, Iwan only said it would be sung together with a female vocalist of course.

“The duet version will be on the album, if this one is a single vocal first, it’s an introduction to the new formation and a reminder that we still exist.” he explained. He also added that the other materials will be more varied and dominated by fast tempo songs.

Speaking of the cover artwork and videos, Colderra is still adapting their old way, which is to use material from creators on the ‘image and video sharing site’ platform and then edited it to suit the concept. This method is of course legal, in addition to cutting the production budget it can also be mutually beneficial because more and more parties will help each other in the process of promoting their work.

“Cracked” will be released on June 2, 2021, and you can watch the lyric video on Colderra’s YouTube channel starting on the same date. Meanwhile on digital music streaming platforms some of the initial material for the second album will not be available. “We’re still negotiating with our former label, so we’re just playing on YouTube for now.” Colderra said.

Source: Colderra “Cracked” Sebuah Pemahaman Tentang Kekecewaan